Monday, October 25, 2010

It's not always in the details

I've been told many times throughout wedding planning that while the details might be some of the most fun things to plan and execute, don't get lost in them and lose sight of what the day is all about: marrying B and starting our lives together.

I'm really trying to take that advice to heart. And for me, that means letting go of some of the details and trusting those who are helping me to put a spectacular weekend together.
For example, I don't really know what the cake or sweets table is going to look like. We'll probably talk to the chef and the baker a few more times before February, but I doubt we'll know exactly how things will look until we see it set up after dinner. And that's ok by me! And on the big day, I'm not going to be the one in charge of decorating the ceremony space or the dining hall - friends and family have offered to help set things up so that I don't have to stress about getting everything right. I can help to create a vision, but ultimately I need to step back and let others make it happen.

In other words, as the chef said during our meeting with him, our goal for the wedding weekend is to create a space to let things happen. 

So that's my plan - creating a space at IslandWood for our family and friends as they witness the beginning of our marriage. And doing my best to create special little touches to enhance the weekend without letting the details control me (though if anyone wants to remind me of that during the week before our wedding, I'm guessing I'll need to hear it!).

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