Friday, October 22, 2010

A Good Day

Wednesday was one of those days that you sometimes have while planning a wedding where you just cannot wait for the wedding day to get here. You know what I mean? Where you just get so excited about everyone who will be there, and the food that you get to serve them, and the fantastic location that you get to introduce them to? I feel like there can be so many times during planning where things you want to do won't work out, or you find out that really special people won't be able to come to your wedding, and it can get you down about the whole thing. Luckily, those days have been few and far between for me so far, with just enough great days to keep me so completely excited about our wedding.

My mom and I spent the morning at IslandWood and we were able to talk to the coordinator and chef about a ton of different details that we hadn't discussed yet. It was fantastic. We have a basic schedule for the weekend planned, we have a potential menu planned (I'm a little bit bummed that we didn't get to try anything, but their food is SO good that I know whatever the chef says he's going to make, it's going to be fabulous), and we now have a great idea for the flowers and cake. 

The chef's wife does flowers (and has done flowers for many events held at IslandWood, including other weddings), and the bakers at IslandWood make some amazing desserts. This is great since I love the idea of a dessert table with more offerings besides just cake, and I never really wanted a huge cake anyway. We're still going to have a cake for us to cut, but I'm not sure whether it will be a single tier or two tiers. Quite frankly I'm perfectly happy with leaving that to the baker and just telling her to keep it simple and beautiful (oh yeah, and tasty!).

It felt so great to get so many things figured out about the weekend. Every time I go to IslandWood I get more excited for February!

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