Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting our drink on

It's no secret that Mr. EB and I like wine. What you might not know is that our love of wine (and going to visit wineries and wine-tasting and really all things wine) comes from my dad. He's the one that introduced me to wine and taught me to appreciate and savor a glass of wine. He also taught me how a glass can (and does) affect the taste and smell of wine (seriously, if you ever want to be sold on why you should buy certain types of glassware, my dad has the glass tasting presentation down pat). When Mr. EB and I met, he joined in on the wine fun, and now he knows more about the varieties that we drink than I do.

So what does our love of wine have to do with our wedding? Well, due to IslandWood's liquor license, we will only be having beer and wine at our wedding. This actually fits in perfectly with our alcohol philosophy, as neither Mr. EB nor myself (or my parents) wanted hard alcohol at the wedding. None of us drinks hard alcohol all that often, and honestly, the majority of drama-filled situations that I've seen at weddings have been a direct result of having an open bar with hard alcohol freely available. I am a strong believer in not having cash bars, but my definition of open bar is simply providing some form of alcoholic beverages for my guests - not providing all types of alcohol that exist. To that end, as I mentioned, we are only providing beer and wine. And while I'm sure that there are some people who would prefer having scotch or gin instead of beer or wine, well, I'm sure they'll be ok for one night.

But, you guys. I am so incredibly excited at what we are going to be doing for the wine at our wedding. So excited in fact, that you'll have to wait for next time for me to tell you. It'll be worth the wait, don't worry - I just have to wait a teeny bit longer until I can share. 

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