Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy day

Today we're meeting with the coordinator at IslandWood to go over all sorts of logistics, including ceremony and reception timelines, lodging for our guests, and of course, the food! Since IslandWood uses mostly local and sustainable food in their menus, today will be about working with the chef to let him know what we like and want for our weekend menu, along with the chef helping us to understand what will be in season when our wedding rolls around.

Unfortunately, B has to work so he can't make the meeting, but I know what he wants for our wedding dinner, and he'll be able to make later meetings when we finalize everything. 

After the food gets taken care of, we just need to decide exactly what we're doing for our cake and then meet with the florist to decide on the girls' bouquets. I'm sensing a lot more trips to Bainbridge will be in my future...

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