Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why a winter wedding?

I haven't really talked about why we decided to get married in February.  It's actually pretty simple - both of us knew right away that we didn't want to get married in the summer.  Mr. EB hates the heat - his perfect days are those where there's some cloud cover, and it's 75 degrees out with a bit of a breeze.  I prefer it a bit warmer than that, but would hate to end up with a 95 degree wedding day (which can definitely happen in the summer in the NW - of course you can also just as easily end up with 65 degrees and raining.  It really is a total crapshoot what you'll end up with).  Also, no one I knew had gotten married in the winter, and I loved the idea of doing something a bit different.  Plus, growing up I always told my mom that I was going to have a winter wedding.  She didn't really believe me until we were sitting down with the venue coordinator trying to pick a date.

As for February, that choice came because of when the venue had available dates.  We got engaged in December of 2009 but we didn't see IslandWood until March, 2010.  By that time we had ruled out November since one of Mr. EB's cousins got married at the beginning of that month.  We decided we didn't want to do anything close to Thanksgiving, and then the whole month of December gets taken up with family and holiday obligations.  Then it's January and NFL playoffs (yes, that really was a factor in determining our date).  So that moved us to February.  I think IslandWood was available two weekends.  A quick check determined that the Super Bowl was on one of those weekends, so our wedding was set for the other!  Unfortunately, that Saturday also happens to be two of my bridesmaids' birthday.  The day after is another good friend's birthday, and the day after that is yet another friend's birthday.  I'm pretty sure there are some other birthdays that I'm blanking on right now, but needless to say, the weekend that worked the best for us was a busy birthday weekend!  I actually asked my two girls to make sure that they were ok with it.  They both said of course (one is determined not to ever grow older, so she's happy to be distracted on her birthday!), so we finally had our date!

I have to say, we have gotten a little bit of flak for picking our wedding day in the middle of February.  Most people are asking why on earth we would want to get married in the NW in the middle of the rainy season.  Well - my only answer to that is that it's what we wanted to do!  And more importantly, we're all expecting that it will be pouring the entire weekend, so if it does anything else we'll all be super excited!  Unlike if we planned a summer wedding where we planned to have the gorgeous NW summer and had to deal with showers instead.  And really?  Winter weddings just make me happy.


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