Friday, September 10, 2010

They're saving the date! (At least they better...)

Nothing like the realization when you're only 6 months out from the wedding day and that if you want to send out save the dates you need to send them like RIGHT NOW or else really what's the point because all of your guests will be getting the invitation soon enough anyway? And of course, while we got these babies done and sent out to most of our guest list, there were still some addresses that we didn't have which means that not everyone on our guest list actually received one. Sigh. Hopefully we'll have their addresses by the time the invitations go out. But I do want to share our STDs, and I'm pretty sure that anyone reading this already got one. If not, hey look, here they are!  Now save the date!

I decided that we should use a postcard for two reasons. No, really it was just one.  Postcards are cheaper than magnets, and postage would be way cheaper for mailing postcards then to figure out how I wanted to package the magnet and mail it. And this way, people can use all of their other STD magnets to hold up ours on their fridge! Really, it's a win-win here.

The other reason that I liked the idea of postcards was that I wanted to use two designs. Kat from Persimmon Images did such a fantastic job on our engagement photos that I really wanted to use more than one photo. Also, with our guest list there are lots of people who know me and Mr. EB (obviously), so we could forgo last names and be a little less formal on those. But there are also some people who are invited because they are our parents' friends or they're a little farther out on the family food chain, and if they got a post card with just our first names they might be wondering just whose wedding they were actually invited to.

I really wanted something simple and that would set the mood for the weekend. So I decided to use the sunflare shot for the less formal STD that went to friends and close family. We also tried to make it clear on this one that it would be a weekend shindig and that if they could spend it with us, we would love to have them there the whole time. Also, these are very much copied from inspired by Mrs. Cheese's STDs, as I really loved the feel of her postcards.

We chose this second picture for the more formal STDs because it showed both of our faces. As for the wording on the back - again, simplicity was the name of the game. We're getting married y'all, come celebrate!  Ok, not quite like that, but I would have written that if I could have gotten away with it!


Apologies for the deleted information, but as you can probably tell by the spacing, the second STD was also the one where we included our last names.  

We ordered the postcards from Vistaprint and I was pretty happy with how they turned out (especially given that they were having a 50% off postcards sale!). The quality isn't the nicest that I've ever seen, but they ended up exactly how I wanted them, which is really all I could ask for. However, I was a little bit bummed when I saw my parents' after I had mailed it, because I totally didn't think to account for postmarks along the top of the card. So, I think most people's postcards ended up a bit more wonky than I'd intended. Oh well. I'm pretty sure everyone was able to read the important stuff. And if not, they could go to the website and get the details there.  

It was really great to hear from family and friends how much they liked them - my first wedding project that all of our guests were going to see and it was a success! Yay!


  1. Hmmm, I think maybe you should be less cavalier about using the term "STD magnet" if people aren't aware you're discussing wedding stuff. Heehee. :)

  2. Ha! Yeah, I read so much wedding stuff with all these acronymns being thrown around that I kind of forget not everyone knows what I'm talking about!


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