Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The rest of my accessories

I've talked a bit about some of my wedding day accessories - my veil and the earrings that my aunt is letting me borrow.  As for the rest of my jewelry, well, that was actually my first official wedding purchase!

Awhile back I was searching through Etsy (I love that site - I still can't believe it was founded by a 20-something guy!), and I came across Sweet Findings 4 You's shop.  I really love her pieces and I knew exactly which ones I wanted.  I purchased this necklace and bracelet set, and I love pulling them out when I think about what I'll be wearing on our wedding day!

I love the combination of the pearls with the flower detail.  And even better - I was looking at pictures of my cousin's wedding (she wore the same earrings that I'll be borrowing), and I think the earrings should work out really well.  And if I end up mixing metals, I'm pretty sure no one will notice (or care!). 

Now I just need to remember to take off my ever-present watch (I've had the same watch since high school - it's functionally great, but aesthetically not something I want in pictures), especially as I'm pretty sure other people will keep track of the time just fine for me that day.

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