Sunday, September 19, 2010

My something blue

I love the colored shoe trend (yes, that is one trend I'm totally on board with!).  Mainly because it's one trend that won't cost me more money - if anything, I'll be saving money because I can wear these again unlike a pair of white or ivory heels, which let's face it, would only be worn on my wedding day.

Sources found here and here

But with so many shoes out there - what to pick?  I'm pretty set on blue shoes (they're my something blue!).  Plus it's one of our main wedding colors, and it's my favorite color.  Besides - after seeing pictures like this, how can you not want blue shoes?

I'm looking for a darker blue for my shoes, and so far, these are my top contenders:

I really love all three of these for different reasons, and given the easy-to-order and easy-to-return feature of Zappos and, I think I might just order them and see which one feels better.  I also need to keep in mind that my dress is just about the perfect length already with a couple inch heel, so the higher heel might be too much with the dress.  Plus, there's my comfort to keep in mind... as much as I love heels, I do not do well at wearing them all night.  Which means I really need to keep an eye out for cute flats as well...

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