Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspiration becoming reality

Ikea.  That wonderfully huge place filled with all kinds of ideas for whatever you can think of.  Or at least that's how it felt when we went there this past weekend.  See, this is the photo that I keep coming back to as an idea for our tables:

I love the different heights of the jars, the different sized candles, but mostly I love that it's solid candles.  I've always loved candlelight, and I think that it will be gorgeous to crowd the middle of the tables with candles and let that glow be the main decor for the tables during dinner.  We're planning on using lots of mason jars to get this effect, but we also knew that we wanted to vary the height of the candle holders, and I wasn't positive that we would get the look I was going for if we only used mason jars.  Luckily, Ikea had just what we were looking for.  We found several different types of shorter glasses that we can use with tea lights, and some that will work great for slightly taller votives.  We then bought a whole bunch of candles, which should be just about all of the candles that we need, though if we decide we need more, we can always go back!  But in calculating how many candles we want on each table and the number of tables we're guessing we will have, I think we have enough to create the look that I'm going for.

We filled our shopping cart full of goodies which are now sitting packed up until we break them out for the big day!

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  1. Boo my comment never posted. In short: that's a LOT of candles.

    a) do you want votive candle holders like these? i think i have a box somewhere that I never used for my wedding.

    b) do you want 12" wire sign holders, like the ones I used for my wedding, but a bit taller? I have a box I never used for my wedding.


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