Thursday, September 23, 2010

I love packages

Guess what showed up at my parent's house the other day?

Pashminas for my girls!

I ordered a few different colors from a seller on eBay to see if I liked the color and quality of the scarves.  I'm actually pretty pleased with them, especially given their price (less than $10 a scarf!).  The colors are also great - particularly the blue and the red.  The green, unfortunately, is a bit too dark I think, given that these are going to be worn by my girls over black dresses.  So, I'm thinking about changing it up yet again.  

I think I'm going to keep the red for my sister (and MOH), and then instead of having blue and green for my other girls, just try to find different shades of blue for everyone else.  Unfortunately this seller only has one or two other shades of blue, so I'm going to have to look elsewhere to complete this project.  But I think the different shades of blue (especially if I can continue to find fairly bright shades) will look fabulous against the green trees that we'll have as a backdrop and over their black dresses.  And the red for my sister will give her just enough to pop out and be special!

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