Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have not bought a single wedding planning book.  I've wandered the aisles of Powells and Barnes and Noble, pulling books off the shelves, wondering if I should get one, but always putting it back.

B and I did receive Wedding Planning for Dummies from my parents as a Christmas present last year (which was great as it was just a few weeks after we'd gotten engaged so I wanted to read anything and everything!).  But other than that, I just haven't been able to buy a wedding planning book myself.

Why?  I think it's because of the plethora of inspiration that I've found out in wedding-blog land.  My first introduction to wedding blogs was Weddingbee, and then Dana with Broke Ass Bride, and of course there's 2000 Dollar Wedding, A Practical Wedding and The Bowie Bride (not to mention all the style p*rn that can be found at Style Me Pretty, Project Wedding, Snippet and Ink, and so on and so forth).  There is so much amazing information out there on the interwebs that it never seemed necessary to buy a book.  This is also perhaps why I've never purchased a bridal magazine.  That's right.  Not one.  (I do have a plethora of magazines in my possession thanks to all of my awesome friends who have gotten married before me, but I have never purchased one myself).

People always look at me a little bit strangely when I mention that I haven't bought any wedding books or magazines.  Especially when they find out about this blog... I guess they think that because I like to write about my wedding I should be buying what everyone else says about weddings?  I dunno.  As I said though, books and magazines just didn't seem like something that I needed to spend money on when I could find inspiration on the web and channel my meager funds into actual projects for the wedding rather than the infinite inspiration magazines I could purchase (I think there was also a little bit of self-awareness on my part, too, as I'm pretty sure if I let myself buy even one book or magazine it would have been all over and I would have bought them all).

But.  I'm pretty sure that I will be purchasing at least one book before we get married.  I've heard some really great things about "The Wedding Book" by Mindy Weiss and Lisbeth Levine, and especially since B and I are planning on writing our own ceremony, I think it will be really helpful to have several different sources to look at to determine what we want to include in our ceremony.  Any other books or ceremony writing sources that I should take a look at?

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