Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4 Minutes in the Morning

Mr. EB sent me the link to this article awhile ago.  Brad Feld and his wife, Amy, have a routine in which they "try to - fully clothed - spend four minutes together every morning 100% focused on each other."

Once both of them are up in the morning, they spend "four minutes" together, without computers, books, kids, other people.  Whether it ends up being four or fifteen minutes, it's the act of taking time out of the morning to be with each other.  Just time spent focusing on each other, reconnecting with each other and in so doing, keeping their relationship with each other as one of their highest priorities.  Due to their busy travel schedules, they often do this by phone or Skype.  But they make time to do it every morning.

Mr. EB and I haven't exactly figured out our morning routines - they've been interrupted and hijacked and messed with by all manner of things since we moved in together.  And when we do end up awake at the same time in the morning before heading off to work or a run or wherever we might be going, we're too often focused on our laptops or a book instead of each other.  

I love what Brad and Amy are doing.  In looking at some of the different relationships of friends and family around me, I know how important communication and focusing on your partner really is.  And as we're getting ready for our wedding and having fun with all the planning, I'm incredibly thankful that Mr. EB is as focused on our marriage and keeping our relationship strong as I am.  He's excited about the wedding of course, but knowing that he wants to do everything he can to make our marriage a strong and lasting one makes me love him that much more.

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