Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days where I actually managed to make a dent in my to-do list instead of ignoring it yet again. I finished the design on my save the dates (two different designs, to be shown soon!), I ordered said save the dates (how much do I love coupon codes for Vistaprint? 50% off made me swallow the ridiculous shipping cost), I got our wedding website set up (weddingwindow.com) and I began filling it with content (love having the excuse to show off more of our engagement photos!).

Up for today is continuing to work on the website (did anyone else find writing about yourself in the third person, trying to be informative and funny, but not sarcastic, a little bit hard? No? Just me? Ok then). I also need to finish adding in missing friends' addresses into the monster guest list spread sheet so that when the save the dates come in (I'm shipping them to my mom's house), she and I can address them and get them out. Phew! I know I have lots more dreaming and planning time to go, but it's definitely starting to feel like concrete plans need to be made and set in motion so they can come together for the big day.

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