Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So What About the Guys?

I'm all about making it easy - so what are they guys going to wear? No idea, that's Mr. Eggs Bene's decision. I mean, I get to choose what the girls are going to wear, why shouldn't Mr. Eggs make the decision for the boys?

Of course, I do have some ideas... Mainly that I really love the look of gray suits, and just as I love the look of bridesmaids with different dresses, I'm really liking the idea of the guys each wearing whatever gray suit they might have already (or feel like purchasing). Mr. Eggs wants to get a new suit, so at some point we'll go shopping for that. It's helpful that Mr. Eggs Bene has stated pretty clearly that he has no interest in a tux. Which is excellent because I don't really think that "tux" goes with "wedding in the woods in the middle of February."

I'm not sure exactly what he wants, but here are some looks that I love.


Yes, I realize that they aren't all in gray suits - but the mismatched look is kind of what I'm going for. Plus I love Don Draper and am very sad that I no longer have cable and couldn't watch the latest season. Sad panda.

This is a little bit lighter of a gray than we're looking for, but I love the pocket square look, so I wanted to include it.

So now the question is pocket squares or boutonnieres? This last picture really brings home what I love about the look of pocket squares (especially since the flowers of boutonnieres always seem to get so squished with the hugs, the dancing, the throwing off of jackets... what's the point?). But again, that's Mr. Eggs Bene's department, so I'll let y'all know what he comes up with!

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