Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little bit of photo-spiration

One of my favorite things to do is google our venue to see pictures from other weddings that have been held there. However, one of the things that makes IslandWood such a unique wedding venue is that they don't hold very many weddings there (as I mentioned, it is an educational facility and they have only been holding weddings for a little over a year I believe). So while that means that we have a very unique venue, it also means there aren't a whole lot of inspiration photos to look at to see what other people have done with the place.

But I came across this teaser the other day and I so hope that the photographer posts more from this wedding! This suspension bridge is definitely a bit of a hike from where we'll be getting ready, but it's so worth it to get there to get pictures like this one:


Isn't that just beautiful? And like I showed you the other day, there are so many amazingly beautiful spots around IslandWood that I think would make for some beautiful portraits - including the tree houses and the pond.

Of course, what's the huge, number one, absolutely going to be a wrench in all of my photography plans? Yeah, you know it. The fact that there is a 99.9999% chance that we'll have some type of rain that day. The big question for how it will affect whether we can get ANY shots like this is how hard it's raining. I mean, if it's just a light mist we can totally make it work. Maybe. But if it's pouring? Yeah, there's no way that I can be traipsing down the path in my wedding gown before the ceremony.

So, in preparation for that, I'm on the lookout for cute umbrellas kind of like these:




And the last picture reminds me of something else I want to start looking for - cute boots!

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