Monday, August 16, 2010

I want this in my room

B has an uncanny knack for finding really cool things on the interwebs. He's also somewhat fanatic about researching new things (I knew I was going to like the Droid before I got it because of everything that he had told me about it - no, he doesn't have one, he just wanted to find out about it because I was getting one. I love being with someone who likes to research as a fun pastime!).

With this comes a lot of links sent my way to various interesting things he's come across. And then I like to share them with others. I think this sometimes annoys him, like I'm trying to say that I found this cool idea or service. And that's not true! I just like to share cool things with other people. Isn't that what this whole social media thing is about? Or something? But I do want to be clear about when it is something that B sent my way.

In any case - B sent me a link to this dry-erase board paint the other night. And I think it's the coolest stuff ever. I've seen chalkboard paint before and loved that idea, but was always a bit wary about the chalk dust (and does the chalk ever really erase off the chalkboard? Not so much in my experience). But this is awesome!

I mean, it's basically every kid and parent's best friend, right? The kid loves it because they can draw all over the walls, and the parents love it because they don't have to repaint over the crazy mess that the kids drew on the walls! (On a total tangent, have you read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch? I loved that book for so many of its ideas, but one of his messages is that if your kids want to draw all over their walls - let them. You never know what spark of creativity that might foster. Now there's an easier way to do that!).

I also love the interactive-ness of this. Especially if you put it somewhere where multiple people can draw and create and add things. Growing up, a friend of mine had the coolest house (or maybe just the coolest parents?). This was back in the days before everyone had a cell phone, and so in the house they built, they added a little room that could be closed off which became the phone booth. In this room was a cup full of markers - anything and everything was drawn on those three walls (the door was made of glass). Phone number, things remembered while on the phone, colorful doodles, anything. And every so often when space ran out, they'd repaint the walls white and start over. But here's a way to remove the painting over step!

This is definitely getting saved in the "when we have a house" folder (I have SO MANY IDEAS in that folder!). Now I just need to remember that the whole house doesn't need to be a dry-erase surface... though that'd be pretty sweet come to think of it!

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