Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bringing it all together

I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at pictures of beautiful weddings and I can't help but wonder how exactly all of my ideas that have been floating about are actually going to come together. So I spent entirely too long putting together this inspiration board as a way to figure out how things might look together. And holy crap, y'all, I did it! (Yes, my Southern roots do show up when I'm proud of myself!)

I'm kind of loving this look, honestly (and no, in case anyone is wondering, neither of those dresses are mine - I just liked the feel of the photos). Especially because it has the green, blue, ivory, gray feel that I'm trying to go for. Have I actually talked about our colors yet? Not sure. But I want the main colors to be blue and green - specifically a darker blue (kind of like the Nina Culver shoes in the inspiration board) and a dark-ish green (what, did you want me to be specific?). But the idea is to mimic the blues and greens of the woods and sky during winter evenings. And then there will be the gray of the groom's and groomsmens' suits and ivory tones in there as a way to brighten things up. And of course, the pops of color in the bridesmaids' shoes. I'm really happy that I was able to put this together, especially as a way to show others what's been floating around in my head these past few months. Now I just need to start nailing down my ideas and turning them into reality!

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