Friday, August 27, 2010

Asking my girls

When it came time to ask my girls to stand up with me, I wanted to do something a little bit different.  Especially since none of my girls live in the same city that I do (though now I'm in the same city as three of them! Yay!), it would be tough for me to get together and ask them face-to-face.  And I didn't really want to do it by telephone which would have been the other option.  So I decided that I would make something that I could send along with a card asking them to be a part of our big day.  I'm pretty sure that I had spoken to each of them beforehand so I don't think it was a huge shock that I wanted them to be a bridesmaid, but I really liked the idea that they would have something to remember how I asked them.

Since I love making photo collages, I thought I would start there.  I found some square frames at Michael's (yay coupons and 50% off sales!) and thought they'd be perfect.  Big enough to have a few pictures of me with each of my girls, but not so big that it would be annoying to find a place for it.  And there was one hinged frame left in the bunch, so I decided to use that one for my sister, my maid of honor.

Me and my sister through the years - I love how happy she looks holding me as a newborn. If only she knew what a pain in the butt little sister I'd end up being, she probably wouldn't have been smiling so much!

For my other girls I created a collage of memories for each of them.  One thing that I wish I had done was to print out the pictures in sizes smaller than 4x6.  But I wasn't really thinking about how I was going to fit the images into the frame, so I figured it would be ok.  I made it work, but if I had printed the pictures on smaller paper I would have been able to fit more photos into each frame.  Oh well, live and learn!

Four amazing women I'm so proud to call friends (and bridesmaids!)

Even though they were each only going to see their own photo collage, I did want them to have a similar element, so one of the things I did to tie the project together was to include a photo of all five of us from 7 years ago.  I love looking back at that picture and realizing the long history I have with each one of these amazing women (I really need to find some of the pictures from our middle school days - except I'm pretty sure none of us want those posted here for all the world to see.  Hmm, maybe just at the wedding then?).

I loved making these for my girls - now I just need to decide exactly what to include in their wedding party gifts.

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