Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Island Wedding Venue

I've mentioned before that our venue is a pretty special place. One of the biggest things that appealed to me about IslandWood is the fact that they have four lodges on the property so most of our family and friends who can come for the weekend can all stay in the same place. That means we'll eat all of our meals together, we can go hiking around the woods together, we can run from lodge to lodge darting through the raindrops together...

This is one of the lodges at IslandWood. All of the buildings have solar panels on the roofs in order to generate some of their own power. IslandWood also grows a lot of the food that they use, and they strive to only use local and sustainable ingredients in all of their meals.

Friday night we'll welcome everyone with a dinner in which they get to help make the appetizers (another part of the experience at IslandWood is that they include three educational activities during the weekend - this is an educational facility after all! But for us that will mean an art project of some sort, getting to go out and play in the woods, climb the tower, etc).

*All photos by my father unless otherwise noted.

This is the tower - I haven't been there yet and I can't wait to climb it and see the view from the top!

I'm really excited about Friday night though - after dinner we'll all gather at the Friendship Circle, which is a fully covered amphitheater where we can have a bonfire and roast s'mores! The fully covered part is the most important, as it'll probably definitely be raining and I love the idea of everyone gathered together around a fire, seeing old friends and enjoying our last night with everyone we love before the wedding. People will be able to stay by the fire as long as they want, and then we can continue the party in one of the lodges or head off to bed.

We've got all kinds of things planned for Saturday already (you know, besides the actual wedding part), but I'll talk more about that later. I'm just so excited to show this little piece of the Island to my family and friends who haven't been able to visit our little corner of the Northwest yet. And I'm so excited that we can use our wedding as a way to give back to an organization that educates both kids and adults on sustainable living and design.

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