Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Getting Hot In Here

It's hot. Yes, I realize that just a few weeks ago I was commenting (uh, complaining) about the weather because it wouldn't get above 60 degrees and it was raining all the time. But now it is 95-100 degrees. And while the sun is beautiful, the NW is just not set up for this type of heat. No one has air conditioning in their homes (well practically no one, but let's face it, I want their whole house, not just the air conditioning!), so we just pull down the shades and swelter.

But that's also the point. Instead of warming up nicely all during spring which most of the country does, out here the weather gods decided to take us from rainy and 60 to freaking hot and 100 in approximately 3 days. And it's supposed to stay that way through the weekend. Which means B and I aren't sleeping well, and the poor guy with the fur coat keeps wandering around trying to find the coolest place in the apartment. So he keeps bouncing between our bed in the bedroom, in front of the fan by the balcony and out on the balcony whenever there's a breeze. Poor little hot dog.

(Photo by B)

And looking at the weather, we're in for this type of heat until next week. At least it's sunny out finally!

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