Friday, July 2, 2010

In Defense of Moms

Does anyone else think that our generation of moms may have gotten the shaft when it comes to weddings? Don't get me wrong, overall, my mom has been fantastic during this whole process (only one set of tears on my part so far and that was due to not being able to communicate. We're working on that!), but there's something that I didn't realize about my mom and weddings. She never really got to plan her wedding.

I had no idea about this until I was talking to her one day and she mentioned how once she and my dad decided to get married, her mom pretty much took over. Booked the church, booked the country club, invited all the guests. My mom wore the same dress that her sisters had worn, the same mantilla veil that had been passed down in her family (that I get to wear too!). I think she picked out her bridesmaids and what they were going to wear, so she probably also had some input on color scheme... but overall, she didn't really get to plan her wedding. So how's that fair - she didn't get to plan hers because her mom did, and now that I'm getting married she doesn't get to plan mine because I am? Lame!

Of course this doesn't mean that I'm going to just turn all planning over to my mom (ha - she'd probably hate me for that given how busy she is with everything in her life), but it does mean that I'm trying to be much more sensitive about her point of view on things. And including her wherever possible. And, if there's something that's important to her and I don't have a strong opinion? Yeah, I want her to have her way. I'm glad that I realized this before the wedding and that it gives me a chance to make sure to talk to my mom about as many things as possible (which let's face it, I do anyway, but now I make sure to listen to what she says!).

Anyone else come to this realization about their mom? Did it affect how you ended up planning your wedding at all?

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