Friday, July 9, 2010

A House to Call Our Own

I have been living in apartments for most of my life since moving out of my parents' house, with the exception of the house that I shared with my sister for three years during grad school. Renting apartments has been the economical (and well, only) option for me during all of this time, as I haven't lived in any one spot longer than the four years that I spent in college. However, it's also meant that I feel like I've been moving all the freaking time. I hate to move. Have I mentioned that? Actually, that's not true. I like moving, in the sense that I do actually like finding a new place to live and seeing all the new possibilities of my life that will be there (B might dispute this sentence, but really I do like it. I just don't always show that very well...).

But the actual act of moving? And packing? And unpacking? Yeah, that can suck it.

We moved into our current apartment a few months ago, and as with the last time we moved, B did most of the packing work since a) I was working during the day, b) I hate it, and c) after watching him pack, I discovered I'm not actually all that good at it (I tend to throw stuff into boxes willy nilly - he had us create a spreadsheet so that we could keep track of every single box and what was in it).

I can't wait until we can afford a house though. This year has been tough on both of us because certain financial assumptions that we had made about where we'd be have not panned out (freaking economy!). And while neither of us were expecting that we would be able to afford a house this year, we both thought that the "someday" of a house would be closer than it is looking now. And as more and more of my friends buy houses and start putting permanent roots down, it makes me kind of sad that we aren't there yet. I know we'll get there, and I know that in our current situation we aren't ready for the permanence of a home, but that doesn't stop me wanting one.

And decorating spaces in my head.

And reading more design blogs than wedding blogs on some days.

Ah well. A girl can dream. Someday...


  1. You're always welcome to come help me decorate my house...not that it's much to offer, but I can also use all the help I can get!

  2. Aw thanks hon! I love your house - perfect for you and J.


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