Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup

Now, I'm not really much of a soccer fan, but B is, so we've had the games on at our house. And I don't mind it for the most part (except for the damn vuvuzelas making it sound like the players are fighting off bees the whole time, but I digress), but it does get a bit tedious sometimes, especially when after 90 minutes the score remains 0-0 and you wonder why you can't get those 90 minutes back and do something more productive with them?

We ended up recording the England-US game on Saturday and did a remarkably good job at avoiding any and all information about the game until we were able to watch it - so we got to see the gaffe by Green with no idea that it was coming. I'm sure a lot of you have already seen the Lego version, but man, had to post it here anyway. Nothing like a Lego goalie kicking himself for not getting behind the ball.

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