Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why the Hate?

I'm a new member to the blogging community - I've been reading blogs for a couple years now, but I've only been writing this one for about four months (hi to my 5 readers out there! You guys are awesome!). One of the things that strikes me though is how easy it is for people to hate on other bloggers out there! Wow - there is a LOT of pent up frustration out there that gets spewed out in comments (and other mediums, but I'm just talking about blogs and commenters here). Anyway - this has been on my mind recently, especially as several bloggers I read have talked about taking a break from blogging or stepping away from social media for a bit.

But one of my favorite bloggers, Nodakademic, wrote a great post about this very subject today here, which really resonated with me. She made a lot of great points, as did her commenters. I really appreciated her views - and ultimately the question, why the hate? Just because something good happens to someone else doesn't mean you have the right to bash their choices or ideas or whatever. I love blogs because I think it's awesome when people can talk about various issues (without resorting to snarkiness or attacks). I also think it's great when people can express opposing views and not immediately be called out for attacking simply by stating those different views (there was a thread on the dooce community that hit on a lot of these issues about a week ago which made me think about this, too). But ultimately - it just feels like so many people don't think about the real people who are reading their words.

And I also think there's a disconnect with commenters in that they forget they don't know the whole story. No matter how open a blogger is on their own website, you can never know everything that is going on with a person's life. So why on earth would you want to bash them for something good that might have happened to them? Such as hating on John and Sherry at Young House Love now that they are able to afford to both work at home full time on their blog? (I'm picking that because that was one of the things that Nodakademic was speaking to - good things happening to people and commenters jumping all over that and asking how they could even identify with all the "little people" out there anymore).

Anyway - I don't have much more to add to the discussion right now beyond what others have already said, but I just wanted to highlight something that I think is an important and evolving issue. Just because you're an anonymous name on the internet doesn't give you the right to be a hater. Where's the love people?

(Don't worry - we'll be back to our regularly scheduled wedding posts soon, but I just had to take a time out for a minute. See last night's post on needing a mental break.)

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