Friday, June 18, 2010

Weird Wedding Dreams

I had my first wedding dream the other night. And it was weird. But not in a completely bad way (notice I said wedding dream, not wedding nightmare - I haven't had one of those yet).

See, we were getting ready for the wedding - it was probably one or so in the afternoon before the ceremony. And I had my dress on and I was putting on my necklace (both things that I already own, and they were the correct dress and jewelry), but then someone told me that the hair and make-up person wasn't coming. Now, in real life I haven't actually booked anyone for hair and make-up yet, and I'm not certain that I'm going to. But in my dream I had evidently booked someone and they were no longer coming. And I remember being sad that they weren't coming, but that was it. No stress, no crying, nothing other than a feeling of, huh, that kinda sucks. Well, what are we going to do? And I'm pretty sure that I just dried my hair and did my every day make-up (which is next to nothing), called it good and walked down the aisle to meet B.

I'm pretty sure there was more to this story (like another vendor hadn't shown up also? Not sure), but I was amazed at how calm I felt when I woke up - so excited to be marrying B. I really really really hope that I can maintain this feeling on the actual day. I know that I will most likely be much more upset if I book someone and they end up not showing up for my wedding. But I really hope that I can focus on the fact that the wedding is the beginning of our marriage, and the important part is joining our families and friends in celebrating that. I'll let you know after the day if I'm actually able to stay that calm...

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