Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of My Favorites

Our photographer search was so easy, it's almost unfair. Awhile back when Kat (aka Mrs. Cherry Pie) was starting her photography business I won a free engagement session with her and Justin (aka Mr. Cherry Pie). This was great for me because I'm pretty sure that this was on Mr. EB's list of things-one-doesn't-really-need, but because it was free he couldn't really say no. And of course, Kat and Justin were beyond fabulous and took some amazing photos. It was a super easy decision after we saw the pictures to book them for our wedding - especially because they're going to be photographing our Friday night welcome dinner as well!

We had such a great time with Kat and Justin taking our engagement photos. It was a super windy day (resulting in lots of random hair pictures), but it didn't rain! Which is pretty amazing, especially given the weather that the Northwest was experiencing at the time, what with 50 degree days and lots of rain (and a little hail every so often). Makes me remember that no matter when one plans a wedding in this part of the country, there's always a decent chance for rain!

We started the day at Pike Place Market before we took the ferry over to the Island to take some more pictures in a park and at my parents house (with Cody!). Mr. EB and I had a lot of fun - though I felt really uncomfortable at times being in front of the camera. Luckily, it was really only for the first bit that I felt weird, and then all of a sudden it felt totally normal to have two cameras in our faces! Is that how it's going to feel on our wedding day too?

Anyway - here are some of the pictures that I loved. I tried to pick some different ones than Kat used in her blog so that you see more of her great work!

I love this last shot - so very Northwest and us. Can't wait for the wedding!

*All photos by Kat of the fantastic Persimmon Images and used here with permission.

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