Monday, June 28, 2010

My Girls

I had a pretty hard time when it came to picking the girls I wanted to stand up for me during the wedding. See, I have been supremely blessed with the number of really great girlfriends in my life. There are the girls that I've known since the fifth grade when I moved cross-country with my family. There are the two sets of girlfriends from college - the ones I lived with my freshman and sophomore years and the group that became my roommates and pseudo-roommates during my junior and senior years. Then I went to law school and found another fabulous group of ladies there. While I love them all, there's about 16 of them and that's entirely too many people for our wedding. So, in thinking about it, I realized that what made sense for me was to choose the girls I've known the longest.

My sister was always going to be my maid of honor - she's been there for me whenever I've needed her (even if we fought so much during high school that my mom was afraid we'd grow up hating each other!)

This is us when we were 1 and 3 I think.

We actually lived together for two years while going to grad school, and it was so wonderful to have that time together to get to know each other as adults. She has since moved farther away which makes me sad, but we still get to see each other every so often.

This was on a trip I took down to visit her - gotta love the hold out the camera and hope you're sort of in the frame pictures!

My other ladies who will be standing up for me on my big day have been friends of mine since elementary school. I met three of them in the 5th grade (I was so mad that my mom insisted I join a Girl Scouts troop when we moved, but it turned out to be the best decision I could have made, as I am still friends with everyone I met through that troop 18 years later). My fourth bridesmaid I met in the 6th grade when her family moved to town. We've ended up remaining friends through middle school, high school, moving away to different colleges, boy troubles, getting our first real jobs, going to graduate school, weddings and much more (lots, lots more - I really am grateful that we are all still friends!). There have been lots of ups and downs, and we don't see each other as often as we would like, but they have always been there for me. I can't wait for them to be up there on the big day!

I found this picture when I was going through some of my old pictures for their present that I sent to them when I asked them to be bridesmaids. This was taken during our junior year of college, right before several of us were leaving the country to study abroad.

I love that I have this picture of all of us - I have more from when we were younger, but those are all in hard copy and I don't have them on my computer yet. (And no, I didn't actually go to LMU, but my brother did and that has always been my favorite sweatshirt. In fact, until digging out this picture, I had no idea quite how long I'd had that sweatshirt... I still love it!). I'm so excited to get to spend more time with these girls, as well as all my other girlfriends, as wedding festivities start to pick up. I know that not everyone will be able to make it to various parties and activities, but I love that I have a fabulous excuse to get everyone together now!

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