Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mental Break

I spent this evening watching Wipeout and a new show called Downfall. Extreme mindless entertainment at its best (or worst?). Usually we don't watch shows on live tv anymore - we don't have cable, we watch tv through our main computer (Hulu and Netflix mostly - we do have a tv tuner so we can get local channels and we occasionally record something and watch it while zipping through the commercials). Anyway - the point to this is that tonight I did miss cable just for the channel flipping options. When I watch things on Hulu or Netflix I feel as though I have to find that specific thing I'm in the mood for, rather than just flipping through the guide to see if something catches my eye.

Now, one of the reasons we got rid of cable was so that we would stop the mindless tv watching (the other is that it's so freaking expensive! Even with buying a new computer to create our media center we've saved money in the long run). When we had cable it was WAY TOO EASY to spend entirely too much time in front of the tv. Now when we watch we have something specific in mind (uh, most of the time anyway). But sometimes I just want the mindless tv. I don't want to think about all the issues and problems and stresses and anxiety provoking things going on in my life. I just want to watch people get hit by a padded bar and fall into a pool of water. So tonight that's what I did. And it felt good.

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