Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making Jewelry for the Girls

We still haven't decided exactly what we are going to do for the girls' dresses yet. I have several ideas, but one thing I knew I wanted to do was to create jewelry for them to wear. (Mainly because I love the idea of making something for my wonderful friends, and also if they end up hating them it wasn't something super expensive that they'll never wear again!).

So I spent some time on Etsy* and bought some blue beads, and black beads and green beads,

and of course you need the hooks and the chain in order to create the earrings and necklaces.

I have an idea for the design that I'll create (I'm aiming to create something that mimics the necklace I've purchased for myself to wear - from yet another Etsy vendor), but I'll wait to share the design until I've played around with the beads to see what the final form ends up being. Now I just can't wait for all my goodies to arrive!

(And yes, I realize that since we haven't made a final decision on the dresses, there's a chance that the necklaces won't work. They'll go well with my favorite idea for the dresses, so that's what I'm working with - and if they end up not working, I'll find some more beads and make something else and give these to them for some other reason!)

*All photographs are from yadanabeads' Etsy store, which is where I purchased all of the supplies pictured in this post.

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