Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration for My Girls

My current idea for my girls' dress is to have them all pick a black dress and call it good. Why? Well for two reasons really. One, because I've been in several weddings and have only actually worn one of the dresses again. Which one was that? The black dress.

Now, that black dress was for a wedding where we all had the same black dress and it was one that was purchased specifically for the wedding. But, I still managed to wear it again (at least twice, maybe more). Also, this is an excellent way for someone with a tighter budget to be able to wear something they have in their closet (or borrow from someone else), or if they want to splurge on something new, then they can! Win-win-win!

And two? I heart pictures like this:

Source (Photo by Laura Kay Photography)

Seriously - there's just something that makes me so happy about this look. I think it's because it allows each of my fantastic ladies to let a little of her personality shine through. Also, I love shoes and I've been on a massive shoe restriction lately, so this means I can live vicariously through all the shoe choices they make!

I'm not sure if this idea is the one we'll ultimately go with, but I haven't come up with anything else that I like better. I also have other ideas for adding a little bit of color to the overall look, because it will be a wedding in the woods and color is good. But before I unveil all those, let's look at some of my other black bridesmaid dress inspiration:

Mrs. Avocado's beautiful ladies: Source (Photo by Kelli Nicole Photography)

Jenna of That Wife and Mrs. Avocado from Weddingbee had her lovely ladies wear different black dresses. I really like how each one picked something that worked for her and made her look great.

Source (Photo by Rodrigo Cassou Photography)

I love the longer dresses, and I really like all the different necklines. I haven't decided whether I want my girls in short or long dresses (or whether I mind if some have short or some have long? I think I want a general consistency of length... but I'm still mulling that possibility over).

But whatever length we do, I definitely want the colorful shoes peeking out! That first picture is still my favorite!

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