Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Day

I've been a bit down lately for a variety of reasons, and one thing that I'm learning during this period is to lean on B when I need to. It's tough for me to depend on anyone - I've always been a fairly independent person, always there for others, but generally not asking much in return. And letting B know when I need something from him his hard - I mean, why can't he just READ MY MIND already?? Uh, yeah. Not so much. But I'm working on that. I still need to figure out how best to communicate when I am going through difficult issues so that he can help me with them, or when I just need him to give me a hug (or leave me alone). One of the (many) things that has been getting me down has been the weather. It usually hits me around this time every year when we'll get a couple of nice days and then it pours for awhile and it feels like summer will never come. I think this year has been worse than normal, though, and it's just been hard. For example, this past Thursday was 50 degrees and raining. Luckily Saturday was 80 degrees and sunny. I really needed the vitamin D and being outside, so we decided to go to the coast. Best. Decision. Ever. 
  We stopped along the side of 101 and I took this picture of the beach that we ended up going to - seriously beautiful day in the NW! 

I'm so happy that we got out of the apartment for a bit and got to play with Cody on the beach. Cody had a blast, running along the beach, darting into the waves (freezing but so nice!). And of course - grabbing a big ass log and deciding that's what he wanted to play fetch with (actually, he just kind of chewed it for awhile. Weird dog).

On our way back home we had to stop at the best candy store ever for salt water taffy and seafoam. Apparently nothing cures the blues for me quite like candy and a trip to the beach. There's a lot of things that I still need to work in order to get out of the place I'm currently at, but remembering to get out and play every so often really helps get my head to a better space. Any other ideas for getting yourself out of a funk?

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