Sunday, June 13, 2010

Comforting Routines

One of my favorite things about living with B has been the household routines that we've created. B is the much better cook and so he usually has dinner ready when I get home at night. I generally do the laundry on the weekends - we don't create a lot of laundry and it's easier to just do it all at once. And cleaning, well, that's not so much a routine as it happens sporadically when the dog has spread out all the stuffing from his toys throughout the entire apartment and I just can't STAND IT ANYMORE! So then we both clean.

But weekend mornings have become my most favorite routine. To the point where I'm always a teeny bit sad when we have somewhere to go in the morning and we can't have our lazy Saturday routine. B is a morning person and doesn't like to sleep in as much as I do. So he and the dog get up and go for the morning walk while I sleep for an extra half hour or so (thanks honey!). Then B comes in and starts the coffee and breakfast (yesterday: toast, over easy eggs, potatoes and bacon - yum!). At some point I get up, and on Saturdays I immediately strip the bed and put the sheets in the washing machine. Because I LOVE clean sheets, and it makes me so happy to think about going to bed on Saturday night with fresh, lovely, clean sheets on the bed.

I think when I started doing this on weekend mornings, B was a bit confused, but I've found it's so much easier to strip the bed and immediately make it back up if I do it as soon as I get up in the morning. Otherwise I forget about it and either don't change the sheets for a couple of days, or the worst is when I strip the bed and then forget to remake it. Until we want to go to bed. And then there are no clean sheets. And that's annoying.

But then I know that the bed is all fresh and clean and that makes me happy. By that point the coffee is ready and breakfast is almost ready and then we can lounge around for a bit before starting the rest of our day. I love these mornings. Almost makes the rest of the week worth it...

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