Saturday, June 12, 2010


After taking some photos of the bags that I talked about yesterday, I realized that I had a couple hundred photos still on my camera that I hadn't transferred to the computer yet. Oops. Note to self - don't do that again! I love pictures, and I love being able to look at them, and now I love being able to blog about them! But seriously, I forgot about a lot of the shots that I had on here, and it was fun to go back through them. Do you ever do that with pictures? It's harder to do than when it was all on film (much easier to forget about pictures when you leave them at the drug store to be developed, for example!), but every so often I find these long lost pictures that bring a smile to my face.

I love this one of me and Cody. Obviously, B took this, not me.

And this one of Cody sleeping (yeah, we let him up on the couches. Yes, it was stupid to start letting him do this. But I love to cuddle with him! Plus he's freaking adorable when he sleeps - yeah, I have no kids, so I dote on my dog).

And the last one that I wanted to share is actually from last Thanksgiving. We were up at my parents house for the holiday weekend, and Cody had taken up residence in his usual kitchen spot. See, B has trained Cody that he's not allowed to be in the kitchen while he's cooking (because we've always had small kitchens and Cody gets underfoot really easily). So in our last house, Cody's line was the doorway into the kitchen. In our current apartment the line is where the carpet turns into the kitchen linoleum. Well, in my parents' house the kitchen is much bigger. But he still has a line, and that line is at the end of the counter. He sat there so patiently, just hoping that someone would throw him a little bit of turkey. Unfortunately he has a pretty sensitive stomach, so we try not to give him much beyond his kibble. But I'm pretty sure he had a fun time vacuuming up all the scraps that ended up on the floor that weekend...

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