Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alot of Grammar Errors

I found this site through a couple of different bloggers awhile back and kept meaning to post it here as well. For those of you who know me, I am fairly picky about spelling and grammar (though I do make plenty of mistakes myself, it's just something that always jumps out at me in other people's writing).

Anyway - when people spell the two words "a lot" as one word "alot," that drives me nuts. Luckily, I now just smile whenever I see that, thanks to this.

You see, the Alot is an imaginary creature that Allie came up with to make her stop wanting to bang her head against the table whenever anyone misspelled "a lot." So whenever she sees "alot," she just imagines the creature and changes the meaning of the sentence completely and fantastically. "Alot of fire"? She pictures the above creature made out of fire. "I care about this alot"? She pictures someone giving the above creature a great big hug.

I love when people come up with this kind of stuff, as it really does make reading the interwebs a much more enjoyable experience!

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