Friday, May 21, 2010

TV Habits

When B and I watch tv we usually do so from different couches. See, when we combined households last year we each came with a couch. And in the old place, that was ok because the living room was big enough that two couches worked. Now we're in a much smaller place*, and the two couches are pushed together to form an L, but it's almost like one couch is a chaise lounge now. This would be much easier to show you with pictures, but I can't find the camera cord so I'll have to show you later. Point being, I'm on one couch and B's on the other. Cody happily bounces between us and curls up wherever he chooses.

Silly Cody picked my couch while we were watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Did I mention that it was kind of a stressful show being the two hour finale where the s*$@ hit the fan? I liked it, but with shows like that I end up getting super stressed out and tend to react by hugging whatever is in front of me. B, Cody, pillow, it makes no difference. Except that since Cody was on my couch, he got pulled onto my lap. And I didn't let him go for 2 hours. Yeah, he may or may not have wanted to get up several times. I may or may not have bear hugged him and not let him move. Luckily each time he was pretty chill about it and laid back down, but I'm pretty sure he'll be hanging out on B's couch for the next several nights.

*B actually wanted to sell his couch and keep mine, but I convinced him that we could make it work. That's also because I really like his couch. And because we aren't sure where we're going to be living this fall and I didn't want to go through the process of selling this couch and then needing to get a new one 6 months from now. Yes, our living room looks a bit ridiculous. No, I don't really care.

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