Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

We've had some beautiful weather here the past couple of days and it's supposed to continue to be sunny and 70s through the weekend (yes, in the NW that is freaking gorgeous this time of year). B and I are planning on heading out on Saturday for a hike in the gorge with Cody, but until then I'll enjoy watching Cody love having outdoor space again. For the past couple of years we've been living in apartments with no accessible outdoor space for him to lounge around in. Unlike when I was in school and he could enjoy the great outdoors to his heart's content (or at least hang out in the the backyard).

This is Cody having an evening get together with the adorable black labs that lived behind us. Our neighbors got them as tiny little puppies and it was so cute whenever they'd come over and run around with Cody. I think my favorite part is still that that old rickety 3 foot fence managed to keep all dogs in their appropriate yards for three years.

We're living in a pretty small apartment now (yay trying to save money!) BUT it has a balcony which is quickly becoming Cody's favorite place to hang out during the afternoon. The way our apartment faces it is still a little sunny in the afternoon, but not the direct sunshine of the morning. The perfect place to lounge around and watch the people go by on the street. And pretend not to care that his favorite stuffed animal is about to fall off (we haven't had to go get it yet, but I'm pretty sure one of these days he's going to toss it off the side just to see what happens).

So happy it's getting nice out and can't wait for the weekend so I can enjoy it, too!

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