Wednesday, May 19, 2010

But They're Already Saving the Date!

So, really, how necessary are Save the Dates (or in wedding parlance, STD - and I know it's been said before, but really? The first thing someone potentially sees about my wedding has as its abbreviation a class of diseases we learn about in middle school health class?? Ok, yes, I might still act like a middle schooler when it comes to funny abbreviations...)

Anyway. Point being. Are they necessary? I have a fridge full of magnets and postcards with wedding websites and dates and beautiful pictures (as another side note, when B and I first moved in together but before we were engaged, he thought I was trying to tell him something since all of my fridge magnets were Save the Dates from past weddings - nope, just that since I had so many of them I didn't have any need for other magnets!).

Don't get me wrong, I love all the reminders of past weddings that I look at every day, but do other people keep them the way that I do? I don't really want to send something just for the sake of sending it. Especially because soon after we decided on a date we also moved, so in my e-mail giving those who were guests my new address, I also included the wedding date. So people are already saving the date (or so they say...).

I know it would be nice to send them out, and I would like to, but at the same time we're also on a budget for this wedding, and that money could go other places. So... I'm still undecided at this point. But I'm guessing I'll probably have to decide on this in the next month or so or else the point will be moot (or as Joey from Friends says, the point will be moo - and yes, I can still find a Friends quote for just about any situation!)


  1. I don't think sending a physical STD (giggle giggle) is necessary. If you are going to put together a website, you can just do a save the date on there and send an e-mail out to people. My friend did a cute save the date video and put it on her wedding website.

  2. Totally unnecessary. I sent them out and, since then, every family member I have has called to ask when and where the wedding is. STD FAIL.

  3. email or video totally works. Still, I got my STD postcards for super dirt cheap, via Vistaprint, so it's an affordable option, and they were so cute! :)

  4. I really like hearing this from you guys - though Megan I fully anticipate that anyone who gets an STD will actually call again about the date/time/whatever. Luckily if they're a member of my family they can talk to my mother :). And Marie I'm thinking that Vistaprint might be the way to go - I loved your postcards. Though I might just go with a picture for the postcard... is that too narcissistic?

    And Natasha I'm so glad that someone else is as immature as I am :) Because seriously - STDs? How can you NOT laugh??


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