Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering What the Day Is About

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of our country's servicemen and women for the sacrifices they have made for this country. There may be a lot of disagreement about where our country is headed, but there can be no disagreement about supporting troops who put their lives on the line for their country day in and day out. Thank you.

The Pioneer Woman has been running a series on her site about "Coming Home." I think she's done five parts, and you can find them starting with the first group she posted here. The pictures are really powerful, from dads meeting their newly born children for the first time, soldiers hugging their parents, or a flag draped coffin traveling to its final resting place. If you haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend you stop over there sometime today.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Plans

So, guess what - I possess some crafty genes! Well, sort of. I did successfully make a clutch but it didn't turn out quite the way I was planning, so I think I'll turn it into a make-up travel kit. Or something. In any event, it was a lot of fun using the sewing machine and actually turning some square scraps of fabric into something pretty!

Aaand of course, the camera cord is still MIA, so I don't have pictures. But hopefully I'll find it this weekend and get some photos up.

Speaking of this weekend, lots of big plans going on. My mom and one of my bridesmaids and I are going wedding dress shopping (again - I have a dress that I really liked, but I'm not convinced. I never thought I'd wear a strapless dress and my current favorite dress is strapless. So, I wanted to look at a couple more places and see if it's really the one for me). And since my bridesmaid will be there I want to start looking at bridesmaid dresses. Because that's another thing that I have no idea what I really want. I have lots of ideas, but mainly I want my girls to like their dress and be comfortable in it (and not want to shoot me for making them wear something they hate!).

So, lots of wedding stuff in the works this weekend! I'm excited to get back on the wedding planning band wagon - I've been on a break lately, mainly just due to stress and unhappiness in other areas of my life that filter into not wanting to do anything when I come home in the evenings. But yay for family, weddings and a 3 day weekend! Anyone else have fun plans this weekend?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do I Possess the Crafty Gene?

My mom gave me a sewing machine back when I was in college. She gave one to me and one to my sister (I'm pretty sure the store she got them at was having a buy one, get one half off type sale). I was excited to get a sewing machine as I had always enjoyed playing with hers when I was younger (so let's face it, this was really more of a self preservation gift for my mom so that I'd stop messing up her machine!)

However, since she gave it to me, um, I think 7 years and many, many moves ago, I have yet to open it. That's right. My mother gave me a fantastically useful gift that I have never even touched. Oops. I'd like to say I have some excuse like I was busy and never really had time, and to some extent that's true (having spare time in law school just doesn't really happen. And let's face it, what extra time I did have I used drinking. Gotta blow off steam somehow!). So, um, yeah. My bad.

BUT! I am determined to change that. So determined that this afternoon I went and bought fabric! I don't remember the last time I did that. Yarn for knitting and crocheting? Yes, that I have purchased (though now looking back at the projects that I've made, I've finished exactly one big project and that was a blanket for my sister. The blanket for my mom that's been in production since college? Yup, that's under my bed. Oops. The slippers that I was making in law school? Well, I did actually finish one pair, and then ruined them in the felting process. And then I never finished the other pair. Again, I say, oops!). But fabric is a whole different ball game for me. A ball game that I haven't been a part of for a very long time. But it was fun to stand there and see what fabrics might go together. And then put those back when I realized the patterns didn't match at all. And then finally pick up different ones when I realized that B would kill me if I didn't get moving (note to self - do not shop for fabrics at the end of the day when B is waiting in the car and wants to go home).

I'm not even going to say what I'm planning on making yet, as it might turn out horribly horribly wrong. But if it comes out even a little bit right, you better believe I'll be showing y'all soon. So, here's to working on finding my crafty genes. I know they're in there somewhere...

Friday, May 21, 2010

TV Habits

When B and I watch tv we usually do so from different couches. See, when we combined households last year we each came with a couch. And in the old place, that was ok because the living room was big enough that two couches worked. Now we're in a much smaller place*, and the two couches are pushed together to form an L, but it's almost like one couch is a chaise lounge now. This would be much easier to show you with pictures, but I can't find the camera cord so I'll have to show you later. Point being, I'm on one couch and B's on the other. Cody happily bounces between us and curls up wherever he chooses.

Silly Cody picked my couch while we were watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Did I mention that it was kind of a stressful show being the two hour finale where the s*$@ hit the fan? I liked it, but with shows like that I end up getting super stressed out and tend to react by hugging whatever is in front of me. B, Cody, pillow, it makes no difference. Except that since Cody was on my couch, he got pulled onto my lap. And I didn't let him go for 2 hours. Yeah, he may or may not have wanted to get up several times. I may or may not have bear hugged him and not let him move. Luckily each time he was pretty chill about it and laid back down, but I'm pretty sure he'll be hanging out on B's couch for the next several nights.

*B actually wanted to sell his couch and keep mine, but I convinced him that we could make it work. That's also because I really like his couch. And because we aren't sure where we're going to be living this fall and I didn't want to go through the process of selling this couch and then needing to get a new one 6 months from now. Yes, our living room looks a bit ridiculous. No, I don't really care.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Doing Something About It

I took a step the other day toward making a difference in a part of my life that's been making me pretty unhappy. No idea how, when, or if it will pan out, but it felt really good to at least take that step. Now there are plenty of other things that need to come together before I can say anything more about it, but I just wanted to remind myself that every change starts with a first step.

Now if I can just take that first step to get back into running regularly...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

But They're Already Saving the Date!

So, really, how necessary are Save the Dates (or in wedding parlance, STD - and I know it's been said before, but really? The first thing someone potentially sees about my wedding has as its abbreviation a class of diseases we learn about in middle school health class?? Ok, yes, I might still act like a middle schooler when it comes to funny abbreviations...)

Anyway. Point being. Are they necessary? I have a fridge full of magnets and postcards with wedding websites and dates and beautiful pictures (as another side note, when B and I first moved in together but before we were engaged, he thought I was trying to tell him something since all of my fridge magnets were Save the Dates from past weddings - nope, just that since I had so many of them I didn't have any need for other magnets!).

Don't get me wrong, I love all the reminders of past weddings that I look at every day, but do other people keep them the way that I do? I don't really want to send something just for the sake of sending it. Especially because soon after we decided on a date we also moved, so in my e-mail giving those who were guests my new address, I also included the wedding date. So people are already saving the date (or so they say...).

I know it would be nice to send them out, and I would like to, but at the same time we're also on a budget for this wedding, and that money could go other places. So... I'm still undecided at this point. But I'm guessing I'll probably have to decide on this in the next month or so or else the point will be moot (or as Joey from Friends says, the point will be moo - and yes, I can still find a Friends quote for just about any situation!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Kat at Persimmon Images put up a little teaser from our engagement shoot last month - love them and can't wait to see more! Thanks Kat (especially since you're in CA for the week!) Pretty sure my gushing over the last engagement teaser you put up had nothing to do with these... :)

You can see the teaser pics here.

When I get more photos I'll post them here, too. Thanks again Kat!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

We've had some beautiful weather here the past couple of days and it's supposed to continue to be sunny and 70s through the weekend (yes, in the NW that is freaking gorgeous this time of year). B and I are planning on heading out on Saturday for a hike in the gorge with Cody, but until then I'll enjoy watching Cody love having outdoor space again. For the past couple of years we've been living in apartments with no accessible outdoor space for him to lounge around in. Unlike when I was in school and he could enjoy the great outdoors to his heart's content (or at least hang out in the the backyard).

This is Cody having an evening get together with the adorable black labs that lived behind us. Our neighbors got them as tiny little puppies and it was so cute whenever they'd come over and run around with Cody. I think my favorite part is still that that old rickety 3 foot fence managed to keep all dogs in their appropriate yards for three years.

We're living in a pretty small apartment now (yay trying to save money!) BUT it has a balcony which is quickly becoming Cody's favorite place to hang out during the afternoon. The way our apartment faces it is still a little sunny in the afternoon, but not the direct sunshine of the morning. The perfect place to lounge around and watch the people go by on the street. And pretend not to care that his favorite stuffed animal is about to fall off (we haven't had to go get it yet, but I'm pretty sure one of these days he's going to toss it off the side just to see what happens).

So happy it's getting nice out and can't wait for the weekend so I can enjoy it, too!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When I Grow Up

I'd like to be Katie from Confessions of a Young Married Couple.

Mainly because her blog cracks me up and both her husband and baby are adorable. Yes, she's my age, but whatevs. I love finding new blogs though - anyone have any they want to share?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do You Like What You Do?

I don't. And it makes me sad and depressed right now, especially because when I was in school preparing for what I am now doing, I was really good at it. And I always thought that I would really like and be challenged by this job. It seemed to play to a lot of my strengths. But instead it makes me anxious, depressed, terrified that I'm doing it wrong... well, I could go on, but I think you get the idea. (And the terrified is not in the good way where you're scared about what you're doing, but you're really excited at the same time and you just keep going and do it. No, this is the "paralyzed in one spot because every way I look I feel like I'll screw up terrified." Not a fun feeling.)

So my question is, do you like what you do? And if you do, how did you get there? Did you always know that you were going to like it? Did you fall into it one day and realize this was what you wanted? Are you still looking for it like I am? Anyone want to hire me? (Haha, just kidding. Sort of.) I think my biggest problem right now is feeling like I have spent my whole life training to get to this job and now that I don't like it I have NO idea what I want to do. Well, that isn't exactly true. It's more that I have no idea what I want to do that I feel I am qualified for that will also pay me enough to cover the student loans to get me to this point.

B has been pretty great with all this and has given me a ton of great pointers to look at to help with the process of figuring out what I do what to do. And I haven't looked at any of them. Because I'm scared that I won't ever find what it is that makes me passionate about getting up every day. Does that make sense all? I've been feeling stuck for quite some time without knowing how to get out. So my new goal is to take the next several months and figure it out. Either figure out how to like my current job or find something else. I do have a couple specific steps and I have a specific date by which I'd like to have made a decision. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but at this point anything is better than how I'm feeling now. And I've been reading too many stories about people who have just recently been able to make a move into the area that they are passionate about. So here is to taking the summer to rediscovering my passion and figuring out how to be happy. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother who came to visit for the weekend.

I love that picture of her - I believe it was taken the year before I was born. She raised three kids and has taught school and flown planes and raised guide dog puppies and is now a guidance counselor (among many other things that she's done).

I don't get to see her very often since I moved a few hours away, so it's always fun when I can make it home or she can come visit me. When we were growing up we would spend a couple weeks at the beach every summer with my extended family. We haven't done that in many years due to everyone's crazy schedule, but it's fun to look back at the pictures (and how little we all were! Yeah, that's me and my awesome bowl haircut in the middle). That's something that I'm so thankful my mom gave me - a deep appreciation for family and friends and knowing that she'll always be there for me wherever I end up.

So glad you could come down this weekend Mom! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coolest Sporting Event I'll Ever Go To

While I hope the title isn't true, I suspect it probably is... or at least it will be true for quite sometime. What am I referring to? The Masters! Now, I know a lot of people care nothing about golf and don't really know anything about it except the name Tiger Woods. I have to say while I'm certainly not an expert, I do tend to surprise people with my random knowledge about a good many sports. Golf is one of those. And I fully appreciate that going to the Masters is probably the biggest sporting event I'll ever go to. Especially given the near impossibility of getting Masters badges (at least without a significant load of cash).

I was able to go because my grandparents have had tickets for forever. Ok, not really, but close. When my grandparents moved to the East Coast in the 1960s, my grandfather, who was a doctor and loved golf, decided to put his name on the list for Masters tickets. Apparently back then it was not nearly as difficult to get tickets and from what I understand, he was able to get Masters badges fairly easily. After that it was just a matter of making sure to renew them every year. My grandfather passed away almost 10 years ago, and since then my mom and her siblings have shared the tickets. This year was my parents' turn again (they had the badges back in 2004 when Phil Mickelson won his first Masters - my Dad was sitting in the front row at the 18th green on Sunday!) and they invited my brother and sister and myself to go with them. My brother and dad went Thursday, my sister and I went Friday, and my parents went for the two final days, including seeing Phil Mickelson win his third Masters (very emotional for him as both his wife and his mother have been battling breast cancer this year and no one was sure if his wife would make it to the course at all that weekend). My dad has now decided that he is Phil Mickelson's good luck charm and will be writing to him to see if he can get badges for next year. Good luck Dad!

My uncle, dad and cousins are in the front row of this picture - they're the two guys in green and the couple next to them, all in the process of jumping to their feet once they realized that Phil Mickelson won). My mom, who had left that day to get back to work on Monday, was super jealous. She made sure not to make that mistake this year and stayed for the whole thing!

Our day was pretty amazing. My sister and I had the badges for Friday's round - the day was chilly and windy in the morning, but the sun was out the whole day and we had no rain. My cousin was also there - his boss is a member and his company often takes clients to the Masters. It was absolutely fantastic getting to spend the day with my cousin as my sister and I would have been pretty lost without his guidance and explanation (we still would have had fun, just with much less context).

We sat right behind the second tee for most of the morning and watched the groups come through. Lee Westwood eagled the hole and went on to lead the tournament through the end of Friday. And then of course there was Tiger. He had a chance for birdie on #2 but missed it and made par. However - he shot his third shot from about 10 feet in front of us. Now - this was his first tournament back since everything came out about him at Thanksgiving, so we knew it was going to be a bit crazy. And I have to say, while obviously I feel horrible for his family and can't imagine what his wife and family have been through, it was pretty amazing to see the number 1 golfer in the world chip right in front of you.

We watched about half of the groups come through and then decided to walk more of the course. We went up to the clubhouse area where there is a putting green before the first hole (watched Vijay Singh putting with his bright yellow golf balls), and my cousin got us bloody marys (he had a clubhouse pass and could get in there to get them). Nothing like drinking bloody marys at 9:00 in the morning and watching some of the best golfers in the world practicing their putting game!

My cousin took us on the "Granddaddy" tour around Augusta - we ended up walking every hole (and then some!) that day. After a bit we got lunch (egg salad sandwich - $1.50, beer - $3.00, sweet tea - $1.00, mini-moon pies - $1.00. The prices there are ridiculous. Nice that having a $20 bill gives you more than enough for two people to eat and drink all day. Very odd for a big sporting event, but apparently it contributes to making things more genteel. Though t-shirts were $70. So it's not all genteel).

After all of the groups had come through the second hole we walked the rest of the course. We went up a hill to the 6th tee and while we were there we could look down at #16. Tiger Woods and KJ Choi were coming through on 16 so we stopped to watch them (another birdie attempt that Tiger ended up missing and made par - probably why he came in 4th). While we were watching we heard a thwack! as the group coming through #6 teed off! Nothing like being surprised by Phil Mickelson's tee shot because you were watching someone else!

After that we walked through Amen corner (holes #11, 12, and 13 - which was great to see and I understand why it's such a pretty area for tv shots - but you really can't see them putting or doing anything on any of the holes there in person), and then walked up to the tee box of #11. There we watched Phil Mickelson's group tee off (we weren't really stalking him, but he was in the second to last group, so the way we were walking we just ended up seeing more of his group than any other). This tee box was up a pretty steep hill, so my cousin was explaining how most caddies just send their golfer up to the tee with the driver while the caddie heads down the fairway. That held true except for one caddie who made the walk up. "He must have been a bad caddie," according to my cousin. I think he just wanted to throw out his cigarette (oooh - that was another thing - so not used to people lighting up wherever and whenever. Not used to being in the south anymore!). After Phil teed off we saw him dart down a path out of site. Running away from the pressure? Nope, just needed a pee break. Even the bathrooms were out of sight from the perfectly manicured greens seen by the TV cameras!

We ended the day by walking the other side of 18 and watched the last few groups come through before we decided to call it a day. I think we ended up spending 11 hours on the golf course that day. But what a day! Still hard to believe that I actually got to go. Now to figure out how to get there again...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

Do you ever have times where you feel like reading something that reminds you of childhood? I've been stuck in one of those moods for awhile, so I decided to satisfy that craving by reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I love those books, for a lot of reasons, but one is because it reminds me of when my mom and I used to read them together. I feel like as I move closer to getting married I've had more of these moments of wanting to remember my childhood. I'm not exactly sure why, but one thing I am excited about is looking forward to when I have kids. I hope that I have at least one daughter so that we can read books like these together like my mom and I did. Until then, I'll hang out with my puppy and indulge my random cravings by reading kid books.
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