Sunday, April 4, 2010

We're here!

We're in! (BIG thanks to Marie and Justin and E and M for helping us move!!) We're unpacked (sort of)! We're done (haha, not really). Seriously though, does anyone else find that moving locally feels so much more stressful than moving towns? I mean, when I moved states to go to law school, I had to get everything I wanted into the truck and moved. I wasn't going to be driving multiple 5 hour trips to come back for things. This time though, the new place is about 10-15 minutes from the old place. So we got all of the furniture and most of the boxes into the truck yesterday, but it was feeling like a lot of stuff, and it was raining and we were tired, and so we just closed up the truck and hauled our stuff over. Unfortunately, there's still all the other random crap left behind (some of which may or may not have been all the clothes in my closet that I couldn't figure out how I wanted to pack because I really didn't want to take them off the hangers, fold them, pack them, then put them back on the hangars in the new place. Luckily B had a good solution - giant blue Ikea bags!).

So yeah. We aren't done yet. Still have some furniture that needs to get listed on Craigslist or given to Goodwill (did anyone else know that they do pickups? I had no idea and thought we'd have to cart the stuff to Goodwill ourselves. Which is not happening in a Corolla). Still have to clean (Cody sheds a lot and wow was there a lot of dirt and hair underneath our couches. Apparently I should clean under there more often). And then still have to figure out where to put everything else in the new place.

But! I'm actually really happy with the way that things have seemed to find a place (I wasn't sure it was going to happen). We have a lot of books (I stopped counting at 20 boxes), and they've managed to find homes. We have a lot of DVDs (actually, I think our collection isn't that big, especially since we watch a lot of Netflix now and I can't remember the last time I bought a DVD - but still, have to put them somewhere). And of course, I have a lot of other random crap (I specifically used the first person singular there because let's face it, I'm the pack rat of the two of us and keep far too many things for sentimental reasons... starting to realize that it's ok if memories are all I have left of something and I don't need physical reminders of everything that's happened in my life).

So yeah. We're getting there. And it's looking good. And our new place has so much more light in the apartment and it makes us both much happier.

Next thing to unpack - the wine! I'm hoping to talk more about the wines that we drink here and what we like, but that's for another post. Now it's late and I have to go to work in the morning (but it's a 3 day week for a really freaking awesome reason! More on that later too).

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