Monday, April 5, 2010

Random, but Awesome

B sent me this last night:

How freaking cool is that?? I kind of want to make it... but I wonder how it would be dripping wet getting out of the shower... and would the corks mildew after awhile? I have no idea... thoughts?


  1. That is cool! I'd have the same questions you do though... Have you seen...this?

  2. I hadn't seen that one, but my aunt made my parents a beautiful cork board a couple years ago (this last year she made a wreath out of corks - I'll have to find pictures of that, it was fantastic!). And the boy and I drink enough wine that we could certainly make something... just not sure what yet. Though I love the idea of keeping corks from meaninful bottles of wine and writing the date on them (I can't remember where I saw that though - one of the bees? Young House Love? Not sure...)


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