Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One other thought

There was one other thing that I realized after having our engagement pictures taken that I forgot to talk about before. And I pretty much knew this already, but it just confirmed it for me regarding how I think I'll be at the wedding.

B is so much more calm than I am in certain situations*. Especially at the beginning of the shoot I would just start to laugh for no particular reason (which I realize is a much better random reaction to have when getting one's picture taken, then, say, frowning or crying). But Kat would tell us to hug or sit in a particular way, and I would just giggle. Luckily, B was so good about being calm and laid back and he really helped me relax throughout the day. It was really nice to have my suspicions confirmed that he would be the calm and collected one on our wedding day while I would be the slightly crazy and neurotic goofball.

Anyone else figure out through wedding planning who was the calm member of the relationship?

*Um, let's be honest - he's really much calmer than I am in just about every situation. But for some reason I thought I'd handle the engagement shoot better than him. Absolutely no basis for that thought, just something I had assumed. Completely and totally wrong.

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