Thursday, April 1, 2010


So... yeah. I really hate moving. I'm pretty sure that's not a secret from anyone who knows me. I think the problem is that as much as I hate to admit it, I take after my mom whose favorite saying is "I'm flexible as long as you don't change anything."

Yeah, did I mention we're moving this weekend? Luckily B has been fantastic and picking up all the slack and basically has packed up our apartment and has been the one getting us ready to go. Yeah he's pretty fabulous. (I rallied the troops to help us move this weekend though - so I did do something!) But I think it's just the stress of it all even when I'm not literally the one putting everything in boxes. Sigh. I hate moving.

Law school was great because I lived in the same place for three years. Since then I've been moving every year (if not even less than that)... I can't wait to buy a house and get to live there for a long time (or at least more than a year). Sadly due to lots of factors that is not in the cards for a couple of years (probably). But a girl can dream!

And now I'm back to cleaning out closets and packing boxes...


  1. Uhg, moving is the pits! Good luck with your move, I'm hoping we'll finish today! :)

  2. Thanks! Good luck with your move as well - glad the boxes are in and mostly unpacked... still have to clean the old place though :(


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