Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Married at Sea?

B sent me this earlier today - Saving By Tying the Knot at Sea.

We put our deposit down on our venue already, so we obviously won't be getting married on a cruise ship, but it's an interesting idea... and from the amounts quoted in the article, much less expensive than a lot of venues (well, in some respects - but much more expensive for guests). But I guess I'd be worried about feeling trapped on the boat with everyone who was there. I mean, I know my whole point with our wedding is that I want to spend time with everyone who comes to celebrate with us, but I'm wondering if this would be too much for me? I've also never been on a cruise though, so that might be part of it. And I would wonder how many people would actually be able to come.

Our wedding will require some amount of travel for just about all of our guests (except my immediate family and my friends who live in Seattle), but it doesn't really feel like a destination wedding to me because it's in my hometown and very close to my parents' house. And many members of my extended family have specifically said how they haven't visited the NW because they were waiting for a wedding as an excuse to come. But I think if we were having an actual destination wedding somewhere besides the Seattle area, a lot more people either wouldn't or couldn't come. And that negates the whole "time with people" aspect that I'm trying to hard to create.

In the end, I'm so excited about our wedding, but even at this stage there already some "what ifs"... though I guess that's probably going to be the case throughout this whole process, huh?

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