Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Apparently I'm falling apart. Not cool. This past weekend we moved and while we had lots of help from friends, we ended up leaving a fair amount of stuff at the old place for various reasons which we've now been having to transport to the new place over the last few days. Which means I'm sore. Going up and down a lot of stairs has done something to my left knee - the outside of it has been really painful walking up or down stairs (not while walking flat though, so at least that's something). Arms are incredibly sore from boxes. Back is no good in general (old injuries from swimming and water polo tend to show up in times like this). And today while walking several blocks from meetings to lunch, I discovered that my left hip does not want to cooperate. Lame.

As a side note, the fact that this is all on my left side is funny to me, as growing up whenever I injured myself it was always on the left side. Among other things, I broke my left wrist, left ankle, left collar bone and chipped half my left front tooth off (which resulted in an abscess and emergency root canal surgery when I was in the second grade while on a family vacation in Hawaii. Shockingly enough, dentist appointments are not easy to come by on late Friday afternoon in Oahu. Who knew?).

So yeah. I wouldn't care quite as much if this were a normal week because I'd just take it easy (or as easy as I could given that we still need to move stuff), but I leave Thursday morning to fly to the East Coast for a quick trip to see family and go to the Masters. I get one of the badges for Friday's round with my sister (so excited! Will post more about it all when I get back) and my cousin, who will be showing us the ropes. But it means a long flight Thursday and being on my feet all day Friday. Which will be awesome and as I said, I can't wait - but I wish I were feeling better. So here's hoping the knee and hip feel better by Friday (or at least tolerated by Advil...)!

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