Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm writing this on my dad's iPad and I'm fascinated by the whole thing. And apparently I cant type it in the compose section so I'm in a random part of the blog that I don't often mess with. So if anyone sees mistakes it's not my fault. I blame it on the keyboard.

B is also asking why I haven't written any posts in a week. Work has been busy, lots of things going on and I just haven't felt like blogging. But I have lots of things that I want to talk about, so I should be writing lots more posts soon. I promise! Specifically posts on the Masters, our venue, a beautiful dress that I've found (but haven't bought yet because my mom hasn't seen it on me yet) and our engagement pictures! Kat and Justin from Persimmon Images spent nearly 6 hours with us today between Seattle, the ferry and Bainbridge Island taking who knows how many pictures! I cant wait to see them!

Now it's back to enjoying wine with my parents. Best part of being in Seattle is partaking of my parents' wine. Coming home is so much more fun now that I can drink the wine! (and in case anyone was curious, yes the picture in the corner is a picture of glasses from one of my dad's glass tastings. He should really be a sales rep for Reidel. Maybe some day.)

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