Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grammar Rock*

So I just found Dead Flowers' blog recently (I've been following her on Weddingbee) and I had to share this post as it illustrates so many grammar pet peeves that I also share! Go and read it because it's so true!

But I also have to add in the ever popular pet peeves of:




Really people. Come on.

They're going to need to fix their grammar problems before they get there.

You're able to demonstrate your command of the English language if you use words correctly.

Ok, I'm done. Those two are my big ones, but Dead Flowers has some ones that everyone should know, too. (Ha, that's another one! Two/too/to). Ok, really. Stopping now.

(except for one more - can I complain for two seconds about how much I hate when people use "text speak" in e-mails or blog posts or really in anything other than a text or on twitter? U dn't nd 2 shrten wrds n e-mlz).

*Yes, I understand that not everything someone writes is perfect, and there are probably mistakes in this blog post, but I just wanted to bring attention to some of my biggest pet peeves. Plus I hear stories from my English teacher friends about the writing they see from their students and it's just painful!

Also, Schoolhouse Rock is awesome. Conjunction Junction anyone??

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