Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was at a friend's wedding this weekend and I don't think I took a single picture! Bad blogger. Anyway - it was a great wedding, and it was perfect for the couple who got married, but it definitely made me aware of things that I don't want - like a too long cocktail hour and too much time in between courses. I felt bad, but I was super tired before the dancing even got started! However, I have to say they managed to have the most perfect weather for their weekend wedding and all the activities they had for their guests (unfortunately we were only able to attend the wedding due to other plans, but I think all their guests had a fantastic time!).

Favorite part of the wedding though? How incredibly happy the bride and groom looked (especially the groom - I work with him and seeing the crazy happy smile on his face the whole time was so fantastic. Just hope that B is that happy when it's our turn!)

But this weekend also made me aware of things that I really really do want in a wedding - specifically time. Time with guests. Time with family and friends. Time with people who care enough about me and B to come to the NW to celebrate our marriage. Which is why if we go with the venue that is now my top choice, that's exactly what we'll get. A weekend in the woods with family, friends, laughter and celebration. I can't freaking wait.

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