Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Holy crap I love this show! Heros v. Villians has been really interesting, if only to see how people who have played this game 2 or 3 times come back to play it again, knowing they're playing with other veterans. And tonight was no exception.

I loved loved loved seeing Tyson go home. I think he's an interesting player and would have liked to see him stay around if only for his continued one liners (in his exit interview he continued to proclaim his awesomeness. Even though he was going home). But - he basically voted himself out tonight! Boston Rob (anyone else liking him way more this season??) had the strategy completely worked out so that no matter what, either Parvati or Russell would go home. No questions, no nothing, there was no way it could have failed. Except Tyson didn't want to chance the tie (should no one play the immunity idol) and so at the barest hint that Russell would vote for Parvati, he switched his vote. Which led to him being voted out. Damn. Love it!

The Heroes vote was less interesting but at least they quit with their putting alliance ahead of reason and finally got rid of James (and just as I've been liking Boston Rob more this season, wow do I hate James). Here's hoping Colby can step it up and continue to save himself.

Ok, I'll be back to other topics later, but I love this show and now have an outlet to write about it :)

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