Monday, March 22, 2010


So our Christmas present to each other this year was a computer. Specifically, we got a desktop computer to serve as our media station - we use it to watch tv now (mainly hulu, netflix and we get the network channels so we can keep up with sports and CBS shows because CBS sucks and doesn't let hulu stream its shows. Anyway...), and the goal also was to use it as the primary repository for pictures, music, movies, etc. You know, everything a media station should be.

Except that since we got it (um, before Christmas. Hence the Christmas present part of it), we've only really used it to watch TV. Mainly because we both have laptops and I had an external drive that I backed things up on. But - all my pictures were on said external drive which used to be plug-in-able to my laptop but is now hooked up to the desktop computer. With no easy access to my laptop. And I'm lazy and didn't feel like messing with it, and B was busy with other things. Which meant no pictures on the blog.
Today however is a great day. I have access to pictures again!!! Which means my blog posts will now have pictures!

Yup, gratuitous shot from my trip to Hawaii a couple years ago. I'm just so excited to finally have easy access to my pictures again! I love photography and one of the best presents I got myself was a dSLR a while back. I have so much fun taking pictures with it and I'm so happy I get to feature more of my shots here!

And because I love B and I haven't shared a picture of either of us yet, here we are when we went snorkeling in Maui during our last trip there.

Next up - my dog! (yeah, there'll be more wedding planning posts, but I gotta share puppy shots first :) )

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