Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Ring to Rule Them All...

Or at least one ring to make me very happy! (Yes, I know the title's overdone. And yes, I'm completely ok with that.)

I love my ring - it's so perfectly me it's ridiculous. We hadn't talked much about rings before Mr. Eggs proposed, but I had made it clear that I'm not a yellow gold person. A lot of people I know have princess cut diamonds, and I always thought that was what I wanted one day for myself.

Until Mr. Eggs started asking me more questions and I realized that my ideal engagement ring has always been my mom's. My mom has a yellow gold ring with a beautiful round cut center diamond. She now has a 3 stone ring which she got several years ago (she always says the 3 stones represent her three children - awww!). But before she added two stones to the ring (and how I remember seeing the ring growing up), it was a round cut solitaire engagement ring. I'm so glad that Eggs asked me more questions about what I wanted, because I love that my ring is so similar to my mom's (except that it's platinum instead of yellow gold).

The last part of this story that cracks me up? The one night that we looked at rings together online, Mr. Eggs Bene had me absolutely convinced that that was the first time he'd started thinking about what ring he might want to get me. Um yeah. He'd been looking for weeks and just wanted to make sure he knew what I liked. I still have no idea how he managed to surprise me so much, but, well played him.

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